Wednesday, July 02, 2003

beware the random song

Tobie, Carl, Nikki and I (snubbed by El and deprived of Vin) decided that it would be fun, for our first singing outing, to punch in random numbers in the videoke machine and then just try to sing whatever song was spewed out.

Well, the system had the first laugh of the night, as "My Heart Will Go On" stunned our sensibilities and good humor.

But sing the damn thing we did, before freeing ourselves to embrace other less maudlin numbers, San Mig Light and isntant coffee.

The night ended with an a cappella rendition of "I Dreamed A Dream", a fitting end to another work day, highlighted by my meeting with the other agency and photographer I was to work with on behalf of our new fastfood client - and an unexpected afternoon with Vin, discussing writing.

The impromptu sing-a-long was a good release.


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