Sunday, July 06, 2003

a new kc strange adventure

KC Strange, created by Nikki Alfar & Marco Dimaano, makes her second appearance in the latest issue of Hainaku (published by PsiCom). In the spirit of the type of hijinks she gets involved in, there's a bit of a fight, a bit of mistaken identity and a whole lot of fun. KC Strange was created way back when The Lost was still new but we never found enough funding to give her her own book. She had a vignette in Ab Ovo#2, though. Someday...

This issue also features Marco's Game Girl, illustrated by Honoel Ibardaloza, as well as the latest episode of TXTMen - by Nikki, Armand Canlas and Jason Banico.

Look for it - soon - in bookstores everywhere.


At the swimming pool today, Sage decided that she could jump into the water just like the other kids. I had a series of heart-stopping moments (really, my daughter and I were just begging for bullet time plus the requisite swirling camera) but everything turned out fine. She's a fearless girl, this one. Just like her mom.

She knows that I'm there to catch her.


what is the smell of a persian resto?

KFC, of course.

Behrouz (sp?), the restaurant I get physically ill just thinking about, was our choice for dinner spot last night. Actually, it was my choice. So why did I choose a place I couldn't stand? Because it felt wrong to impose on the group my own particular idiosyncracies too often, since everyone but me likes the place (well, honestly, I felt it was a lesser evil compared to the other place the guys liked - where live chickens ramp-modeled along the muddy floor). Next time, we're eating at Gloria Maris, and let the dimsum-haters be the ones to generously adjust.

Anyway, I steeled myself for the inevitable smell bombardment, but when I finally had to take a breath inside, it was not just pleasant, it smelled wonderful.

Because KFC had opened a branch next door.

So now, I have no issue with the place - but don't expect me to use the ginayat-gayat na buhok ng kilikili spice thingie. There are limits to what I can take.

The big topics of conversation were, as usual, life, writing, art and comics plus my initial critiques on the short stories the gang submitted. I promised I'd email them something "formal" within the week (assuming I get a chance to block time beyond the call of a struggling newborn company's needs).

weekend reading

Unstable Molecules is a great read. Written by James Sturm (who wrote what Time Magazine considered the best comic of last year, The Golem's Mighty Swing), the volume goes into the pysche of the Fantastic Four as people, not heroes, with almost no reference to their powers. It's about epiphanies, relationships, frustrations, hopes, dreams and loss.

It's intelligent, creative and screams of the indie sensibility. Go get it.


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