Wednesday, November 12, 2003


One of my hats is that of an art director, and I find myself constantly challenged by new projects. For example, just when I thought mirrors were difficult to shoot or that very young children were the hardest talents to motivate, we land a water account.

With over a dozen different containers ranging from small bottles to tall dispensers, we had to come up with images we would ultimately use for the campaign we were cooking up.

But water is water, right? How difficult can it be to shoot?

The thing with water is that you need to shoot against white or a very light background to give the impression that the water is pure. You need to have creative lighting and blocking to nail the feeling you’re trying to show. You have to make the water sparkle, even if it’s inside containers.


So shadows become the enemy. But too much light brings about too much brightness. So a balance has to be found. Everything in the environment has to be controlled (and I shudder at my assignment next week in chaotic Baguio City). And I even got some exercise playing water bearer with several of the big multi-gallon bottles.

All in, I think we did great. The best part was lugging back to the office one of the hot/cold dispensers our beloved client gave me.

Don’t you just love perks?


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