Wednesday, January 07, 2004

i hate viruses

With a passion.

This silly thing has knocked out my entire days productivity (right now, I'm reinstalling everything, and the updates alone on my Norton suite of programs necessitates 12Mb - downloading ever so slowly as I type this - I can't even reinstall all the other programs while waiting because most of them require the PC to restart).

And everything I have is on the computer, so sorry muna clients of mine. But then again, I can't finalize your bills and send it over, so you get a day's reprieve.

It's just irksome how reliant I've become on the digital. I am helpless without my Outlook calendar - not to mention email. I shudder at the thought of not having an internet connection for long. I fear for the world if I have to do spreadsheets by longhand without Excel. If my phone kills itself right now, I think I'd vanish from humanity's collective consciousness.

It makes me wonder how I survived before all these things dominated my life. Prior to the internet and cell phones, there was the pager. Prior to that, what? My handy Trapper-Keeper? But even then, I remember I had a little Apple IIe and Wordstar (which, sadly, Vin STILL uses as his word cruncher of choice). Before that was pen and paper, notebook and pencil, books and magazines and comics and television, Betamax (how else would you view porn?) and vinyl records.

The question is: what comes after?


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