Friday, June 04, 2004

cuaron es el hombre

To avoid the crowds of sniveling kids, intellectually-desolate morons and other annoying theatergoers, Nikki and I caught Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban before the weekend.

And I loved it. Unlike the first two movies which stank to high heavens (oh where do I begin?), this installment, directed by A. Cuaron, hit all the right notes in terms of tone, pacing, direction, editing, shots - plus excellent characterization. From the eerie inflating opening scene to the requisite flight shots, this film showed (as Nikki put it) that fear and wonder are found in the same place.

I especially liked the dark palette used, veering away from the kiddie color crapola of the first two films, Hermione in jeans (what is happening to me? why am I noticing these very young girls?), and the general adult sensibilities (without losing the essence of what made the book work).

The books trace the growth of Potter. With this installment, the films have finally caught up.


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