Wednesday, June 02, 2004

a kept man

Flush with the proceeds from her current writing projects, Nikki treated her favorite boytoy (me) to a fantastic dinner at Raphael's. For someone like me who is used to being the one who usually pays for everything, times like these are a treat indeed.

And you can't get more decadent than caviar on a thin cracker (unless you top your kani salad with it, like I did). I gorged on smoked salmon, prawns and stuffed duck before rearranging my multiple stomachs for tiramisu, fresh fruits and almond jelly, with a cup of fine brewed coffee to seal the experience.

As a result, I am a bloated but delighted man. That's what dinner, smokes and something to read does to me - in the company of my best friend.

life as an entrepreneur

We won an important bid against one of the giants in the industry, and I'm feeling quite good. Instead of competing toe-to-toe, feature-for-feature, I held on to my reasoning that a complex thing was not necessarily what the client needed.

We got another one yesterday, from something that seemed almost too small for us to handle. But I treated the client as I would any big corporation, and as a result the engagement grew bigger.

And today, I moved even closer to my goal of owning another business. The offer I'm looking at is unbelievable. I just need some time to finalize my position.

We've also been interviewing applicants for the positions we've opened in the company, and I'm happy to say that the overall level of ability is more than acceptable. I met someone whose talent floored me - I wanted to hire him on the spot, but will wait until I see the other applicants.

I'm delighted at these instances of good news. For the past couple weeks, I've been worried about cash flow (majority of businesses suffer from clients who pay late) to the point that insomnia and anxiety became potent forces. But now, with the slight turn of the wheel, things are okay again.



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