Friday, June 25, 2004

one meeting more

Just one more meeting before this long and jam-packed week is done.

I'm just glad for the occassional oases I have, like dinner with friends last night at Lemon Grass at Megamall (the gang loves the place, with its different chicken dishes) and the ton of comics from Vin.

The last draw for our nationwide promo went without a hitch, with the DTI rep and I enjoying ice cream together (a great way to bond, I tell you), a pair of clients paid up (fantastic, considering that collection is a challenge these days for many agencies), 3 new resto clients are on the horizon (we've come across a nice niche, it seems), Siglo: Passion pages are coming in (swoon) and I'm running Isle: Craft tonight (shocks and thrills). Plus, there's the regular Saturday night out with the gang tomorrow which I skipped last week due to illness.

And now it's off to that last meeting - yay!


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