Thursday, June 24, 2004

poulet, porc, boeuf et l'huître

Alex asked where to go for good chicken or pork. Now normally, Nikki and I eat home-cooked meals, order for delivery or go to one of the nearby malls. But once in a while (budget-allowing), we try some place new, often with friends.

El Circulo, along Pasay Road, is a great place for both. It has a solid menu created by a young chef who is not afraid to try bold dishes that are at once inventive and tasty. But bring along some extra cash as it's not inexpensive. Nikki and I had dinner there last week and it was to die for.

Good Earth in Greenbelt is a good Chinese resto. Almost any of their chicken or pork dishes are fantastic (the stand-alone we tried was at Greenhills, where Nikki and I last toasted champagne).

Gourmand and Jack's are at the Global City in Fort Bonifacio. Gourmand is pricey but yummy while Jack's is priced along the lines of Country Waffle (which, by the way, reopened in Annapolis after they found new investors following Bert Nievera's flight).

I also like Aresi in Quezon City (near the Dead Boy Scouts Rotunda).

If you're in the mood for beef, though, there are a few places I really like, all in the Ortigas area: Steak Jack in Greenhills has affordable porterhouses, similar to Double Decker's "grilled right outside" selection of t-bones and other steaks (along Ortigas near Meralco/Autohaus). For shockingly inexpensive Salpicao, try World Topps also in Greenhills) - for dining on the relatively cheap.

Dave says that Red over at Shangri-la Makati rocks (it used to be the ritzy French place), priced to compete with Gulliver's.

There's also this Brazilian resto in Rockwell that I've only heard good things about but haven't tried. Their servers go around with succulent slabs of beef and pare them directly into your plates.

If you want oysters, try one of Marina's branches in the Ortigas area or Oyster Boy (the new stand-alone is in Greenhills). For more seafood, it's hard to beat Dampa Sa Libis, along C-5 heading towards Eastwood.

Having said all that, there are a couple of resto I'd advise against going for any reason: Bombay Canteen in Buendia (ugh) and Behrouz along Wilson (mabaho) - sorry, but I can't stand either of these places.

Now excuse me, I've gotta raid the fridge.


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