Thursday, June 24, 2004


just say no

One of the things I refuse to do is to play golf for the sake of networking. It looks boring, I don't want to turn darker than I already am, and I don't look good in checkered pants.

I guess this goes for majority of sports. Except perhaps fencing, because the epee and the mask are cool (or if card games like Magic: The Gathering are considered intellectual sports).


With all these food clients, I've found myself thinking about food a lot. One of the upsides is sudden knowledge of where to get what food.

For example, for Prime Rib, the best kept secret in Manila is a resto called Gulliver's (of San Francisco), along Makati Avenue. Petit cut (P600+) is good for a normal person, but if you're hungry like a wolf (cue: Duran Duran), then the regular size (P800+) is for you.

bang bang

Talk of the moment is the shootout between the 14 year-old son of Chinese businessman Yap and the 30 year-old son of Senator Jaworski.

Some disagreements led to rabid texting and a challenge to settle things at Florida St. in Greenhills.

The boy came with 14 bodyguards, armed with M-16s and happily shot at his enemy.

No one died, and now both parties deny they were armed, unable to explain all the bullet casings scattered along the street.


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