Wednesday, June 23, 2004

swamped thing


So much work to do and so little time in the day. I have a client comic book, a photo shoot for the sports complex, a dynamic website, an ongoing retainer for a fastfood, a trade show, materials for a post-production company, a nationwide promotion... and those are only the live projects I'm managing on my end. I've also a lot of client meetings and pitches and consultations all over the place. Plus - I'm thinking about moving the office to Emerald Avenue in the Ortigas Center (nicer place, but horrible on the lunch budget). Also - finalizing the pet store investment and hiring new staff.

I'm delighted, of course. But also a bit fatigued since I'm not 100% recovered from the annual bug.

What I need is a huge batch of escapist comics.

Or chicaron with sukang puti.

Or both.


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