Wednesday, July 21, 2004


We've signed the lease and said our goodbyes to our current landlord.  Everything's set for the office move before Ghost Month.  It feels strange knowing that in a couple weeks we'll be out the building that has been the base ops of my two companies since I came back from Hong Kong.

When we formed Pipeline Media, we didn't know that the gym above us would burn to the ground and that actress Nida Blanca would be murdered in the parking lot below us.  We had a good run and but ultimately decided that it was best to put the company to bed and disband the partnership.

Marc and I then formed Kestrel IMC and moved to the 8th floor, with a tighter focus and a lot more experience.  Our clients followed us and more employed out services, allowing us the stability we required to make even more long-term plans.  We were fortunate to have a great crew (who today, by the way, impressed me out of my socks) and challenging projects.

And now, a new office in a new building, just a stone's throw from home (and two stone throws away from many old friends - which means more lunches with comrades-in-arms).

I'm certain we'll have an adjustment period, but high hopes and a steady revenue stream will keep us afloat.  But even now, as I begin the process of uprooting myself, I cannot help but feel a little sad.  Atlanta Center was both a bitch and a blessing, but also home.


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