Thursday, April 14, 2005


I can't wait for the new furniture to arrive, after Nikki spent a pretty penny getting us a new bed and several large pieces.

When Sage was born, we went into a spartan strategy for furnishing the house. I didn't want anything with sharp edges or things she could bump into. We got rid of everything loose on surfaces, fearing the little baby would swallow something or hurt herself.

But Sage is over 3 years old now and is not destructive at all. In fact, she has never torn any of my precious comic book trades that are all within easy reach, lined on low bookshelves. So I don't see why we can't start buying a piece or two each month or every other month.

The only other thing that stopped me from really furnishing the house is the fear that we'll be moving anyway, and it's horrible logistically to move so much stuff. But you know what? People do it all the time. We can even hire people to pack for us when we do.

But really, as I write this, I realize that buying furniture, for me, makes the best sense only if you have a permanent home. Which in this case means a real house, not a condo unit.

Curiously, I find this epiphany both banal and oh so manly.

So. Must buy house.


It's a long way to Tipperary.


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