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The Ratbastards, a group of excellent and innovative speculative authors founded by Christopher Barzak (whose story Plenty, in the The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifteenth Annual Collection, inspired me to try and get my feet wet in publishing, which ultimately led to L'Aquilone du Estrellas and my own debut in the Year's Best last year), Barth Anderson, Alan DeNiro and Kristin Livdahl, will be publishing a story of mine this year.

I will be part of this year's Rabid Transit , and will be joining a series that in the past has included really good and funky slipstream/metafiction writers like M. Rickert, Douglas Lain and Nick Mamatas.

The book will be released at the Wiscon, the world's only feminist science fiction convention on the Memorial Day weekend next month in Wisconsin (shades of Wizards of the Coast! - I just had a flashback of my time at GenCon). I've been invited to attend, but my schedule sucks (I thought the launch would be a little later this year).

The story that will be published by Velocity Press is Terminos, which has its roots in Hinirang (a reimagined Philippines during the time of the Spaniards). I rewrote it extensively, integrating elements from another story I wrote previously, Ser Clessidrana Acerca Tiempo, before twisting the entire thing in my "hmmm, let's-try-this" zen slipstream mode (which is funny because whatever happens, the magic realism inevitably pushes through).

Terminos is a story about stories and endings and of things we look for and the power of words to give comfort - and is dedicated to my best friend Vin (who has always pushed me up in an irritatingly endearing way) - for whom I wrote these stories in the first place.

Thanks, Chris!

w00t! w00t!


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