Wednesday, April 27, 2005

rarer than a hen's tooth

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The Alfars are truly not outdoorsy people at all. However, it does not make sense to create a company outing to the beach and not participate (believe me, the last one was a cultural tour of Old Manila with National Museum and Binondo and all), so off I went with Nikki and Sage in tow. I survived what felt to me like half a lifetime on the road (I really abhor travel by land - it's a senseless waste of time and the scenery of the South Superhighway and the following dirt roads does nothing to assuage my ennui).

To be fair, we had a grand time. We had a huge house all to ourselves. The multiple bedrooms could house over 60 people comfortably, while the amenities included billiards, table tennis, basketball and sunka (a native game played with shells). We grilled fresh fish, drank beer, rode a boat, looked at a coral reef, and baked in the sun. You know, fun stuff.

Sage displayed the bravery that she inherited from her mother, wanting to swim by herself in the boundless sea. Nikki, coordinated with Sage in sarongs, speculated on the love life of starfish. Me, I cut my finger within 3 minutes of getting on the boat, trying to show my daughter how cool I was by catching a crab.

Nature and I simply do not get along. By early evening, I was working on a story in longhand, using the last light of the sun to eke out a few more words before my hand cramped up completely.

The guys and I spent the wee hours of the morning telling ghost stories over gin and cigarettes, which I guess was my favorite time of all - talking and smoking with good company being two of the things I really like to do.

And so we're back at work, rejuvenated and slightly darker.

But really, give me the city any day. I'll take a book, a room, electricity, Coke and a pack of Reds over the majesty of nature, thanks.


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