Saturday, May 07, 2005

i-blog aftermath

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First off, thanks to everyone who came on over the i-Blog Summit. It was great being in the company of an intelligent and receptive audience - and doubly wonderful to meet, finally, in person, Rei (whose speaking voice is so sweet I want to cast her for an animated TV series) and Banzai Cat (who was surprised at my height - but then again, my cropped blog pic plus my orange rubber shoes do not exactly give a clue that I'm a smidgen shy of 6')! I also got to meet a lot of new people and make new friends while mugging for the camera crew from GMA 7.

I had a fun time talking about blogging and writing and, well, Scott Savol being ousted from American Idol (justice at last!), as part of the event's agenda of presenting the social side of blogs. I hope that I was able to contribute a little bit of what I think in my little speech. I did not previously consider the act of blogging as something that I felt strongly about (read: agenda), but while I prepared for my talk this past week, I found that I did have a lot to say.

I'm always happy to offer a helping hand by being a speaker for various groups that ask me, and this one was quite rewarding (on my way out, I was asked by another group to speak for their event).

Many, many thanks to the kind folk who organized the i-Blog Summit, with special kudos to Atty. JJ Disini of Tales of Disiniland for having me over (and for the nifty tee).

Thanks again, everyone!


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