Wednesday, April 04, 2007

holy week, batman

Tomorrow begins the long Holy Week holiday in the Philippines (from Thursday to Easter Sunday, with Monday's Araw Ng Kagitingan thrown in). I'm as happy as the next guy. Unlike the majority of the population who will attack the provinces in droves, I'll be staying in the city, as usual, enjoying the silence and traffic-free streets.

The Palanca deadline is looming and I have next to nothing (just the bare bones of a story and perhaps a tweakable play, nothing outstanding) so I must make time to write. Another publication has a requested a story from me and this time I'm truly starting from scratch so I have to start on that as well (or just maybe I'll pull the levitation story from my files and beat it into submission). It's not so bad, and sometimes deadline pressures are actually fun (that is, until I miss one).

I'm looking forward to just staying at home, away from work and business. I get to spend more time with Sage and Nikki. I bought a bunch of colorful plastic Easter Eggs - the kind you can open and close - for Sage to find on Sunday. I'm still thinking of what to put into them though.

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