Monday, March 24, 2003

oscars aftermath

Well, it's over and done with. Since I need to live up to my blog's title once in a while, here is some commentary direct from the peanut gallery.

Best Picture - Chicago. Good call. I agree with this choice because I enjoyed it the most among the nominated films I've seen. Besides, the last time a musical won was with the god-awful Oliver (which is the reason no other musical won again, until this year).

Best Director - Polanski (The Pianist). Like the rest of the world, I thought that this would finally be Scorcese's year. But instead he joins the ranks of Orson Wells and Alfred Hitchcock. Polanski, of course, still faces a warrant of arrest in the US.

Best Actor - Adrien Brody (The Pianist) - The suspicion of a sympathy vote due to the Iraq war and the subject matter of the film Brody acted in is really way out there. Me, I'm just glad that Daniel Day-Lewis wasn't able to razzle dazzle enough voters for his overrated performance in The Gangs of New York.

Best Actress - Nicole Kidman (The Hours) - I much preferred Rene Zellweger's turn in Chicago, but I guess you can say Kidman won by a nose.

Best Supporting Actor - Chris Cooper (Adaptation) - He was a sure win from the start, for his performance in an otherwise masturbatory film.

Best Supporting Actress - Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago) - Well-deserved.

Best Animated Film - Spirited Away. Oh yes, oh yes! This is a wonderful film.

Best Foreign Film - Nowhere in Africa. Too bad both Hero and El Crimen lost. Suddenly, this German film is a must-see for me to compare.

Best Original Screenplay - Pedro Almodovar (Talk to Her) - Good for him!

Here's the complete list of winners.


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