Thursday, October 17, 2002

the 100 things meme (3 of several)
wear and tear

31. Since I became an adult, I’ve only owned two pairs of rubber shoes. I just don’t like the way they look, especially the violently colorful ones. I prefer almost any other sensible footwear and have a bias towards leather shoes and sandals. Currently though, my favorites are a pair of DKNY low cut slip-ons (which my partner Dindo bought for me in HK) and my Cherry Red Doc Martens.

32. My closet is predominantly black and earth tones, and at one point in time I had 8 suits, all various shades of gray and black. For formal business meetings, I trot out the Balenciaga. (Nikki’s wardrobe is 98% black)

33. I don’t wear a watch. I use my cell phone to tell time. Prior to that, my pager had the timekeeping duties. Before that, well, I guess it was the sun and the stars.

34. I started carrying a key chain only after I got married.

35. Every morning, the following items go into my pockets: wallet, keys, cigarettes, lighter and cell phone. My day would be ruined if I missed any one of them.

36. I save a hell of a lot of money on shampoo and stuff because of my 1 cm. long hair; although that’s balanced by Nikki’s dazzling array of bathroom thingies.

37. I cut up all my credits cards except one that is never used except in the direst of emergencies. I found that keeping several active ones was just too tempting. During my credit card-using days, all my budgeting skills went out the window. Never again!

38. For the same reason, I always carry only a small amount of cash. Although the presence of ATMs all-over the place make drawing funds a little too convenient.

39. In Flim’s terms, I am a hoarder. Like a packrat I find it hard to throw anything away. It’s the collector’s mentality, I guess. Though once in a while, when there is just too much junk sitting around the place, I go on a merciless throwing spree where nothing is sacred. Except for the stuff I cannot bear to throw away. Sigh.

40. The things I invariably lose are people’s business cards. I end up pocketing them or placing them in my laptop bag with every intention of storing them in the card case, but they just vanish into thin air. That, combined with my terrible memory for names, puts me on the spot too frequently for comfort.


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