Friday, October 18, 2002

root canals

I hate them.

First, I'm afraid of the dentist. Always have been, always will be.

Second, root canal work is. Hideously expensive.

Third, it's hard for my old-fashioned mind to handle the thought of saving the corrupted tooth (via root canal for around P10k-P15k) versus just extracting the damn thing (for a fraction of the cost).

Fourth, it's expensive (and that's the same reason for numbers 5 to 10, interspersed with dental fear).

Both Nikki and I need some root canal work. While I've been giving several dentists the run-around (asking for quadruple opinions, all the same), Nikki is going for hers next week (she's also braver than I am, and has the pain tolerance of a black hole).

From my perspective, it's really a hard sell. Dentophobia + absurd expense + irrational logic = "Well, I'll have it done only when I'm writhing on the floor and have absolutely no choice."

Sad, but true.


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