Tuesday, March 25, 2003

we want billy

No one asks Billy Joel to sing anymore.

It's true. Event organizers would give their eyeteeth for grizzled old bands like U2 or hoary reinvented performers like Madonna, but where, oh where, is Billy Joel?

It seems that he just vanished off the face of the planet, falling to pieces after whatshername left him for the chiropractor (or somesuch). Since then, he's had episodes of alcoholic stupor and decreasing songwriting inventiveness (yeah, there was that "New York State of Mind" duet with whatshisface, but nothing new).

Well there is a Broadway show with his songs, but give me a break.

I want him to sing again, to be loved and remembered for all the great songs he made - and there are lots of them (his album "Innocent Man" alone abounds with well-crafted songs. I want him to make records again, to be heard and hummed along with, and belted out while driving. Not "Fantasies & Delusions: Music for Solo Piano".

Can you imagine my horror a while back when I heard some boyband's remake of "Uptown Girl"? For the love of god, please, no. Give me the good old Long Island guy anytime.


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