Thursday, April 14, 2005

6: coffee

(LIGHTS ON. BRIAN lowers the remote. CAMILLE is still at the dining table, smoking. BRIAN talks without looking at CAMILLE.)


You’d think that after 9 seasons, people would learn. But no, they make the same stupid mistakes. I mean, did you see that? How can it be good strategy to tell your teammates that you, in effect, plan to vote everyone else out in a particular order? Strategies revealed do not prosper.

(CAMILLE remains silent)


But I must say it makes good TV. I mean look at us. We’re riveted.

(BRIAN stands and moves towards CAMILLE)


Can I have a ciggie?

(CAMILLE hands him the cigarette pack and a lighter.)



(BRIAN lights up. He moves around the table and lifts the casserole dish cover.)


Smells great.

(BRIAN looks at CAMILLE but she is not looking at him. She is watching the muted TV.)

BRIAN (pointing to the TV)

That’s it. That’s the ad people are talking about today. Look at it. Look at it.

(They watch for a moment in silence.)


What kind of dorm has all these good-looking young men who dress so, so nattily, shower like it’s a shampoo ad, realize its raining and decide to bond over coffee?

(CAMILLE does not reply)


It’s absurd. Considering its a coffee ad.

(BRIAN picks up a fork and eats some tuna casserole straight from the dish.)


I mean, yes, obviously, you need to get model-type people for ads, but how are we supposed to believe that such a situation happens every day? That’s the problem with ads today. There’s just no respect for the viewers’ intelligence. It’s all about sleek production values, meaningless situations and-

(CAMILLE stands and moves to the couch, leaving BRIAN at the dining table.)


Shut up, the show’s starting.

(CAMILLE picks up the remote and presses a button. The muted TV bursts into life.)



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