Thursday, September 15, 2005

down and up

I've been feeling down these past couple of days. My workload is rather hectic and the stress of juggling too many things is getting to me (I know, this is starting to sound like one of those angsty posts I avoid like the plague). I'm also feeling physically down, like a spent battery desperately needing a recharge.

It feels odd. As if in the swirl of things there is actually a sense of change a-coming. If I were a character in one of my stories, I'm scheduled for an epiphany any time soon.

Business is fine (the incoming projects are the primary source of my stress), and the pet store's sales are expected to improve in the coming months (the "Ber" months are always every merchant's most longed-for period in the year). A couple of weeks ago, Butch Dalisay wrote about writing as a living, and how, really, a writer cannot live from money earned via creative/literary writing alone. It's so true. Which is why, like him, I write for other people (one of the things that Kestrel, my marketing communications company, does). Literary writing becomes an escape, a means of keeping sane, proof that I still retain my devotion to words - even if I sell them. And there is money in writing for business, more than what you can get from literary writing; for example, when Nikki and I were writing and developing episodes for a Singapore-funded cartoon. In comparison, I still have hundreds of copies of the comics I produced a few years back.

More when I get back.

Life is funny: I had to leave off completing the nebulous post on top to attend a client meeting. On the way back, I get a call from VIVA Films - they are buying the rights to "Salamanca" officially (I know, it was always on the table, but now... wow). In addition, they want more stories, plays, scripts and comics to look at, from me. Is the change in my life...showbiz? Bwahahaha!

So my entire train of thought has been derailed. For now.


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