Wednesday, September 06, 2006

beacon school

Nikki and I just gave a talk about writing to the 3rd grade classes over at Beacon School in Taguig. This school, which we have heard so much about (all good in terms of progressive education), is where my sister teaches and is also part-owned by Mailen Paterno-Locsin. Given the smart kids we spoke to, the school lives up to its reputation.

After a lecturish talk on the basics of writing and imagination, we fielded all sorts of questions and read two of our stories - Menggay's Magical Chicken by Nikki and my Rosang Taba, which the kids enjoyed. It was a pleasure reading these stories to the precise audience we wrote them for - when the kids realized Rosang Taba's cleverness, they cheered!

Now if only we could afford to send Sage to this school... Alas, the tuition fee, which runs into the hundreds of thousands, is simply an impossible dream.


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