Tuesday, September 12, 2006

year's best

Today, I received via post some of the books I ordered from Amazon a couple of weeks ago, which includes The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror Nineteenth Annual Collection, edited by Ellen Datlow and Kelly Link & Gavin Grant (which is like a bible to me, in terms of showing where speculative fiction is currently and where it is going).

In the "Summation 2005: Fantasy" section:

"A couple of years ago we reprinted Dean Francis Alfar's story "L'Aquilone du Estrellas (The Kite of Stars)" from Strange Horizons in this anthology series. Alfar inaugurates a new anthology series himself with the first volume of Philippine Speculative Fiction (Kestrel). This is a rich and varied assortment of stories. It includes strong work by Nikki Alfar, Francezka C. Kwe and Vincent Michael Simbulan."

To have the book I edited cited among such anthos such as Noisy Outlaws(McSweeney's), Polyphony (Wheatland Press), and the Year's Best Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy Vol.1 (MirrorDanse; Prime) is an immense honor.

Believe me, it was my dream long ago just to get an Honorable Mention. So I checked the Honorable Mentions: 2005 section and found:

Alfar, Nikki, "Emberwilde," Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol.1
Kwe, Francezka C., "Lovelore," Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol.1
Simbulan, Vincent Michael, "In the Arms of Beishu," Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol.1

I'm so proud of these three writers!

And I'm also ecstatic because our antho is 100% Filipino. And I honestly believe that we have what it takes to create speculative fiction that can stand with the best of the world.

And to double my joy:

"Rabid Transit: Menagerie (Velocity Press), edited by Chrisopher Barzak, Alan De Niro and Kristin Livdahl, is an annual anthology of quality writing that tends towards the peculiar. Dean Francis Alfar and Rudi Dornemann's stories were of particular note."

Many, many thanks to the Kelly and Gavin.

We're all supercharged again!

And now, back to work on Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol.2. The deadline for submissions is just three days away, and with the quantity and quality of the subs, I have much to read and review.


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