Tuesday, April 01, 2003

defying good taste

I was flipping through today's paper and when I reached the entertainment section I saw something that made my blood run cold.

Tomorrow, a flim called Asterix & Obelix Versus Caesar opens to the general public. With a spirit-shattering cast led by Christian Clavier (Asterix), Gerard Depardieu (Obelix) and Roberto Benigni (Lucius Detritus ), this 1999 production makes me question the entire concept of adapting something from one medium to another. The cast alone makes me want to cry - despite the fact that this actually won Best Picture at the Golden Screen Awards (help me out here) and Gottfried John won Best Supporting Actor at the Bavarian Film Awards (yes, Bavaria, where Dunkin' Donuts gets that yummy filling).

At least in last year's Mission Cleopatra, you had some eye candy in the form of Monica Bellucci - Laetitia Casta (billed as Europe's Hottest Supermodel) just looks like a strumpet.

Oh, and it is also supposedly the most expensive film in the history of French cinema.

Save us.


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