Friday, March 28, 2003

guilty pleasure

Nikki and I are such huge fans of the Heroes of Might & Magic franchise, willingly giving up time to romp around dealing with creatures, war and, of course, magic (we tagteam with Sage, who is amused by all the colors).

We got last month's add-on to HMMIV - The Gathering Storm (we'll pick up Winds of War when cash flow permits).

The Gathering Storm includes six entirely new campaigns which tell the tale of five heroes and their quest to defeat a mad wizard named Hexis, whose control of the realms of Nature and Death have begun a chain of vents that threaten not just the heroes' own kingdom of Devonshire, but all of the lands of Lodwar. As Hexis's strength grows, so does his negative effect on nature itself. Earthquakes, floods, storms, and more have begun to spread across the kingdom, and it is up to the five heroes to stop Hexis and somehow reverse the damage he has done.

Not the most original of premises, but we'll take our adventure where we can. And this is just so much fun (I like racing around trying to collect artifacts before the world ends in tears).

Escapism is the name of the game.


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