Tuesday, July 25, 2006


It's an exciting week for the Lit Critters. Over the span of two days, we'll be reading and critiquing original fiction (fiction that the 'Critters themselves have written). As usual, the format of discussion is peer-review, with comments and observations on craft and such, with the goal of improving everyone's writing. The next step, after the critique, is to improve upon the texts and prep them for submission here and abroad. I'm particularly happy with this batch of stories (except for mine, which I always end up disliking anyway) as each author has produced stories that are both readable, enjoyable and textured across a variety of spec fic genres.

Speaking of spec fic, submissions to Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol.2 continue to come in, and I'm already in love with a couple of fine pieces by authors unknown to me. We'll how things go by the deadline in September as I cast the net wider this time, inviting writers of various stripes (as well as unpublished authors) including people you would not immediately associate with a fantasy, sci fi or horror story to try their hand at spec fic. What I haven't received yet is a good sci fi story. I have high hopes that the creatives at UST will send a number (or even better, sci fi stories from a completely unexpected source).


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